Just checking in….

We are ensconced in the cottage in  Mitchell, still. We have another week of this glorious territory, and rumor has it that the temps will drop into the high 70’s rather than the 90’s during the coming week. So maybe I won’t be so brain-dead by 8 PM. Fortunately, hope springs eternal.

I have been posting a daily journal at my Art Blog, off my website, http://www.juneunderwood.com  If you are one of the two online folks who haven’t seen my postings on FB or G+ or through the website,  and if you have any interest in seeing what I’ve been up to, click here for today’s post. (And you can find the other posts off today’s).

Here’s a pretty picture (posted earlier on the Art blog) just for your benefit and because you were kind enough to show up:

cheers, June

BTW, the photo is just inside the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, the back side of Picture Gorge, off Route 26.

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2 Responses to Just checking in….

  1. june says:

    I thought you might have slipped out of the loop when I didn’t hear from you — especially because we’re in your old haunts. We had lunch with Alicia Bowles Ritner on Saturday. She’s just the same — the spread she and Scott bought is fabulous.

    I’m still struggling with painting the Painted Hills. They defeat the best of us, which means I stand no chance at all. But I keep trying.

    Good to hear from you. We’ve been thinking about you and the gang as we travel around.


  2. Lia says:

    Hmm! I thought I had “fanned” your facebook page and was getting feeds from your art blog. But neither of these seems to be true now. Your online social media is changing too fast for me; I can’t keep up! Glad you are enjoying the fossil beds… your photo reminds me of how glorious it can be in the fall there.


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