Random Thoughts, Random Photos (#1)

View from Piety Hill, Mitchell, Oregon. Sept. 2011

Random Thought #1:

One should always write down one’s random thoughts. Otherwise they skitter randomly away.

Sunflower Head grown in waste ground at the apartment house next door.

Random Thought #2:

Colonel Summers Park, once a druggie hangout, was a park for all the people this lingering late-summer eve. Basketball players, bicyclists, lovers, picnickers, dozing couples, running children, mannerly dogs, a pick-up band, gardeners, garden-watchers, people-watchers, teasing teens, strolling elders — it felt like a city.

Autumn Crocus, a version of what we called Naked Ladies in Kansas.

Random Thought #3

The petitioners at the Farmer’s Market have learned to discreetly conceal their petitions, so when one is avoiding one clipboard, one finds oneself assailed by another. Luckily one had one’s mouth full of pastry, and so could only  cheerfully wave in wily petitioner’s face.

Contrails, Wires, and sky, Sept 29, 2011. SE Portland, Oregon

Mark at Henri Art Magazine has a post that will give me food for thought for many hours. Rereads, too, which are always provocative. He writes from an elevated post where he sees the art at the top of the trees, lit by (too much?) money; I see art from the ground up, where the bushy sprouts that surround the bottom are full of life, if naïve about their chances of survival. It would be fun to be able to debate him face-to-face.

Wisteria sculpture from Invasion of Place project by Graham Klag;   AnnaPaul and the Bearded Lady, music;   SE Portland late summer festivity at 20th and Taylor

More about the above fete in the continuation.  The sculpture remains at SE 20th and Taylor –June

Graham Klag

Artistic Director



 Invasion of Place – Public Art Project

Third in a Series

SE 20th Avenue and Taylor Street

September 1st, 4 P.M. to 8 P.M.


Invasion of Place is a public art project created by Graham Klag and funded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council to educate the community about the non-native invasive plants plaguing Portland. On September 1st at SE 20th Avenue and Taylor Street, a crew of community volunteers will take removed Traveler’s Joy Clematis vitalba, from the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden and with the help of a sculptural armature made from bamboo, collaboratively construct a sculpture with the invasive plant biomass. The piece will be a visual narrative placing the plant and its environmental impact in a historical and cultural context.

The sculptural installation event will take place at SE 20th Avenue and Taylor Street on September 1st starting at 4 P.M. The event will culminate in a reception at 6 P.M. with food and a live performance by Anna Paul and the Bearded Lady. To sign up and join in the creation contract Graham Klag at graham@invasionofplace.com – or simply attend the reception. The sculpture will remain in place several weeks.

Funded by the Regional Arts & Culture Council

Sponsored by the Forest Park Conservancy


Lornie McCormick-Goodhart and Steven Knudsen


For more visuals and information please visit the project’s website at www.invasionofplace.com

Graham Klag

Artistic Director




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One Response to Random Thoughts, Random Photos (#1)

  1. Mark Stone says:

    Thanks for the mention June – I think a debate would be great fun! Lovely photos by the way – fall looks wonderful in your neck of the woods!


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