Pun-ishment from Patricia Gaignat

Patricia Gaignat, an internet friend, has been my source of inspiration, both for her visual wit and her work ethic. It is she who nagged me until I finally ‘fessed up and showed my  ‘Droid drawings on this blog.

As a reward (??), she sent me this drawing, a response to my announcement in Facebook of my post-hip-surgery walk of ten blocks:

Patricia Gaignat, Ten Blocks, digital drawing on iPat, by permission of artist.

Now I own an original Gaignat and I shall keep my eye out as to how I can reward her back.

After all, she started it.

And as one who is married to a ruthless punster, I know she appreciated my groans and tears. Punsters need their audiences. –June

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2 Responses to Pun-ishment from Patricia Gaignat

  1. june says:

    My thought exactly. And you can see the standard to which I’m being held (or nagged by….)


  2. Carla says:

    LOVE IT!! This is too good not to share.


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