Saga on SOD #3: Another Function of The Stick

I thought of calling this post  “Seven at one blow” or “Whack-a-car” but decided those were not polite indicators of how I use the Stick. To be fair, in Portland the image of a  wild-haired woman waving her “cane” generally brings traffic to a halt. Pdx drivers know their rights and responsibilities.

This image was sketched on ‘Droid  with my finger. It turns out that these devices were meant to be manipulated with fingers, and they react rather well to soft stroke. Unfortunately my finger is fat and I don’t really know where the line is going to show up, mid, left, top, bottom of the marshmallowy pad? Whoever thunk that fingers could have so many areas of sensitivity?

However, the ‘Droid does not have sensitive nature, alas.  It is, though, a strange haptic feeling to dance across the digital screen and have little marks record ones passage. Kind of fun.


Sketched on the Toshiba Thrive touch screen, using Sketchbook Pro and an index finger.

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One Response to Saga on SOD #3: Another Function of The Stick

  1. Patricia says:

    Pretty cool. As you make your way to the intersection you can just start waving and keep walking – thereby not screwing up your timing of the soon-to-be 3 miles. You’ll know when you have full control of your bionic when the stick spends most of the time in the air.


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