Saga on Sod: #5 — The Chair

A small setback in the hip recovery last week led me to wandering about the house, looking for a comfortable place to sit. It quickly became apparent that we had no such thing. Our 20-year-old strategy of having only movable wicker and rattan chairs,  well-suited to the textile-studio-cum-living-room, was inappropriate for sitting on the shrieky hip.

A cri-de-coeur to friends Janet and Ron, who during the (other) hip surgery had offered a soft chair, resulted in their instant delivery of embodiment of decadent comfort, a La-Z-Boy Recliner.  (And yes, there’s  a Wikipedia article on La-Z-Boy.)

Ron suggested I call this new era of existence Post-Modern Comfy-ism. Seemed right to me.

Two annotations to this startling event in the life on southeastmain: prior to our cry of help to Janet and Ron, we had searched for a couch to buy, thinking that that would solve the problem. Alas,  we learned that one does not buy a couch; one orders a couch. Particularly if one has particular tastes.

So we have ordered a couch (delivery 3 weeks hence) which has thrown me into a whole new sphere of contemplation. After 15 years of using the “living” room as a studio, it has acquired a large number of peculiar furnishings, none meant for comfortable living. The room is lined with bulky cabinets hiding fabric and thread, yarn and notions, needles, slides in 3-ring binders, labels that I’ll never use, boxes of mysterious art-potential junk, old greeting cards, shipping tape, masking tape, scotch tape, two-sided tape, duct tape, and bottles, mostly dried out, of glue, white-out and old ink. The cabinets as well as their contents will have to be relocated or sent to a landfill.

The second annotation is about the color of the chair in the sketch above. The La-Z-boy Recliner that resides in the now-living-room is not blue. Janet and Ron have  elegant taste, and so the real chair is subdued and respectful. I changed the color to protect the innocent and match the rest of the picture. In addition, the real chair has been protected with an antimacassar. If you don’t know the word, you haven’t read enough Victorian novels. This is my second lifetime use of the term, and I’m proud to have found a way to inveigle it into the post.

The image was sketched with ‘droid, the Toshiba Touch Tablet. And touched up in Photoshop on my PC using my Wacom tablet. I think that probably violates some sort of code, but I did it anyway. –June

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4 Responses to Saga on Sod: #5 — The Chair

  1. june says:

    Janet, I’m glad you like the fat curves — me too. They are definitely comfy.
    Patricia, I’m not sure The Other Woof and my putative dog would be compatible. You do, after all, use the iPat to extoll his virtues.
    Jean, I like golden doodle, myself. Regardless, whatever dog may (or more probably may not) appear, it will have long silky ears. And be able to fetch my slippers and place them in front of the La-Z-Boy.


  2. janetl says:

    Oh, I like the fat, blue curves! The text at the bottom makes me think of Magritte, too.


  3. Patricia says:

    So, you and I draw our recliners. Hmm. Is this something we should think about? Nice drawing, and, I’m sorry to say that you have broken no code. I know that you want to be rebellious but, after all, you ordered a couch!
    You want to borrow The Other Woof?


  4. jeaniedee says:

    Is the dog a golden doodle? King Charles Spaniel? Somehow I never pictured you with a dog, a cat – maybe. Regardless, your cozy picture is inviting with or without canine companion.


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