Makoshika State Park, Montana

I liked this tree in Makoshika State Park near Glendive, Montana, near its border with North Dakota. This is badlands country, and the tree, which is having a bad hair day, fits right in. — Jer

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3 Responses to Makoshika State Park, Montana

  1. Have missed your postings here, Jer. Unlike June and me, your verbage with your great pictures is short and sweet making for a quick respite on a busy day. Bad hair day indeed -love this tree!

    P.S. to June, this is not to say to shorten your own verbage, which is so interesting for when I have more time to ponder. šŸ˜‰


    • june says:

      Sheila, and when, my dear, do you have time to ponder? This is not to say that I will shorten my own verbiage. That way lies madness (or no postings at all –snort –).


      • Soon – I hope to have lots of pondering time soon! After all, I’ve just changed my address to Ponderay… Please oh please, do not go mad editing. I love your lengthy posts!


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