Blackwell, Pennsylvania

Blackwell, Pennsylvania, in the Pine Creek Gorge, looking north along the Pine Creek Rail Trail — Jer

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2 Responses to Blackwell, Pennsylvania

  1. grover1925 says:

    That is my mother’s and a family home. It’s been in the family since around the 40’s.
    It used to be called The Barton House. It was a boarding house in the logging era.
    At one time there was a post office (lower left corner of basement) and a general store (first floor right)
    The railroad was close to the house, the railroad I believe has rights to some of the driveway. When we were kids I couldn’t go to sleep until I heard the train go by.
    Now It’s a gathering place for family to get away and get together..
    The first floor has a living room, dining room and kitchen on the left side of the house. On the right where the store used to be is a great room with kitchen area, one bedroom and bath.
    Upstairs there is seven bedrooms and two baths.Sometimes they’re all full.
    I was just scrolling through google pictures and saw our house, So I thought I’d comment. I’ll be posting (OLD) pictures about the area soon, I’ll check back and let every interested know where to find them.


  2. jeaniedee says:

    This photo reminds me of the Wisconsin I know and love – except for the rail trail, which seems to run very close to the building (house?). If it were a small hotel or something like that, I would think it was all right, but it’s awfully close for a house. On the other hand, the railroad may well have come before the building.


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