Belmont Library

I worked as a volunteer for a while at this branch of the Multnomah County Library. The original building (red) is on the right, and the fairly new addition (white) is on the left. This branch is amazingly busy and works exceedingly well. We often reserve books online through the library system’s gigantic catalog and have them shipped to this branch for us to pick up. Sometimes I use the car to fetch and return things here, but we sometimes walk. It’s about a three-mile round trip from our house. — Jer

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5 Responses to Belmont Library

  1. janetl says:

    I volunteered at the Belmont branch for awhile, too, right after the remodel. It’s a lovely space.


  2. runningwithellen says:

    I look forward to being able to see the Northwest with the depth you have imbued in your writings.


  3. Kristin McNamara Freeman says:

    June…Your library is a beautiful facility. Having retired as a manager of a small rural library branch last year I miss some of the activity of being in the library every day (not enough to go back to work) and I, too, order books on-line and then pick them up at the library. One of my good resources for titles is the Powell’s daily dose review of books…I have found some interesting books by authors with whom I was not familiar. The main Missoula library is a wonderful place and currently I am taking a poetry reading and writing class once each week…great instructor from University of Montana…but the library, yes the library card has always been my first acquisition when I moved to a new locale.
    I love your photo and your library tale. A nice walk when there is no rain.


    • june says:

      Kristin, the photo is actually Jer’s, who also does, occasionally, write commentary. Portland loves its libraries. And Powells, as well. When you come to Portland, you have to go to Powells. But you have to carve out something like to a whole day for Powells because it even tops the Portland Art museum as a place to spend a delicious long while:-)


    • janetl says:

      I read Powell’s Daily Dose, too, but partly out of mercenary interest. If you post a review to the website, and check a box, your review might get picked as a Daily Dose. That will win you a $20 gift certificate that must be used within a week — and the only way you’ll know is if you subscribe to the Daily Dose! They recently picked Califia’s Daughters and I snatched up a “free” hardback!


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