The finished magazine rack for the Chair Affair.


Both ends feature Matisse motifs  on the magazine rack panels– highly decorative.


The bottom shelf has a few baubles, ala Matisse.


The circling dancers had to be included somewhere: this is the top of the table.


So there it is — the total of my painting efforts over the last few months.

I like this table a lot — the table legs are perfect Matisse in their own right. Luckily it’s not a color that works in our house (we lean toward brick red accents), so I won’t feel too bad about contributing it to the Chair Affair. –June

For Portlanders: the Chair Affair auction is March 21, 2013. If you are up for a bit of quirky furniture, mark your calendars.

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13 Responses to Matissed

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  2. Olga says:

    The colour and style fit the shapes perfectly. It will make any room a cheerful place.


    • june says:

      Thank you, Olga. Matisse did all the hard work, so I just got to play. It was fun in its own way — pretty mindless, which may have added to the pleasure. Thanks for checking in.


  3. margaret says:

    This would delightfully grace a canal boat (narrowboat) – it’s vaguely reminiscent of traditional “roses and castles” painting ( – or perhaps it takes it to an entirely new level … cleaner, leaner …


  4. Patricia says:

    So beautiful June. Congrats on being able to work.


  5. Lia says:

    How very cool! I love what you did with this. The colors and motifs complement the shape of the piece and vice versa.


    • june says:

      Thanks, Lia. Those legs made me almost wish I were a woodworker. I originally painting them with a motif, then downgraded to a little bauble, and then decided they were most delicious on their own.


  6. birdingbesty says:

    June, I do so love what you did with this piece! The base color is a favorite…yet what really speaks to me is the motif with the circling dancers….good thing I do not live in Portland and won’t be coming out until late summer…I would find myself bidding heavily to have this beautiful piece with your artwork….mmmm, just mmmm. Kristin


    • june says:

      Well, Kristin, if it doesn’t sell, the Community Warehouse keeps it for their store — attached to the Warehouse. So, perhaps you’ll have a chance after all:-) Or, you could buy it via cell phone — hire a stand-in, etc, like they do at Sothby’s –snort– Thanks for checking in. If I ever see another table with legs like that, I think I’ll do one for our house.


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