Bishop through Barstow to Prescott


Photos from Laws, California, near Bishop — those snowy things are the Sierras. That’s where we started Wednesday morning. We checked out the railroad museum in Laws, Laws being a hamlet of about 15 houses a few miles down the road from Bishop.


In the desert where Laws sits, I tried to get my painter’s eye around the desert while Jer had his camera to do the work.


We then drove not all that far to Barstow, a town about which I know almost nothing except that the Best Western is near a traffic island (unapproachable on foot) and a train that reminds me, almost pleasantly, of my youth along the Pennsy railroad.


And then Thursday, we had a long day; no place to lay our heads between Barstow and Prescott. So I keep looking at the scenery.


The Mojave Desert!


Closer to Prescott, into the mountains and through the Granite Dells,  fascinating rock formations that we want to explore on foot.

And here is Prescott itself — full of charming buildings and walkable streets:


The old Prescott Library, almost certainly a Carnegie.

08ElksTheaterPrescottwThe Elk on top of the Elk theater made me laugh. We saw a lot of noble stags on signs warning us about wildlife on the highway. Sometimes they were leaping, but mostly they were posing, like the one above. Better than the Portland Elk statue, for sure.


The Courthouse (Yavapai County) is quite magnificent and has fine fronts on all four sides. And so-called Whiskey Row, facing the courthouse on one side, has lots of fun touristy shops, a bit like Ashland.


Prescott is surrounded by interesting geological formations, including Thumb Butte, pictured above. My theory is that part of how Prescott has maintained its charm is through its geologic placement.

Tomorrow we go to our March home in Jerome — unpack the car, get out the paints, suss out the sunshine, and we’ll be off for our work in the southwest. –June

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