More of Playa

playa pond 2

Another view of the pond and vegetation at Playa

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6 Responses to More of Playa

  1. Carla Preston says:

    Beautiful place.


  2. Jan says:

    Looks like you’re on safari in Kenya!


    • june says:

      Um, Jan, not so much wildlife. And a good road just outside the compound. Actually one might object to the road, except that it got us to Paisley (17 miles away) where there was beer and grocs and two restaurants and a library. And 250 people. Practically civilized. Paisley is the second largest “town” in Lake County, which is something like the 3rd or 4th largest county in Oregon.


  3. June what a feast of color and texture in this Playa…your time there will surely be filled with sketches and photos and paintings. I look forward to seeing how your express this place in your work.


    • june says:

      Kristin, this is Jer’s photo — he’s the real photographer of the family. I’m responding much later (the 27th) so you’ll be seeing my inferior attempts to get something on viewable soon.


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