Not much new, but I’ve written some art blogs you might like

I’ve been busy, but not posting — which seems to be common among bloggers these days.

However, I have done some “art blogs”, published on my art blog site:

One is about The Project From Hell” — a result of the Playa residency:

It’s more about blood, sweat and tears in the making of art than anything about art itself.

And here’s a photo from Terry Grant’s blog. Terry, with whom I’ve investigated many an art exhibit, went to San Francisco with me to check out the David Hockney retrospective (2002 –2012) at the de Young museum. She has written a general account of our trip.


It was an exciting adventure for me. I wrote 3 posts about Hockney’s landscapes, all of which are on my Art Blog:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

If you can’t bear all those words, just click on the links within the text. They are worth a hundred or so words, each of them.

I like writing the art blogs, although they are time-consuming and aggravating (“Why do artists think they don’t want artists from Portland Oregon as well as businesses in China to copy their images” she said sarcastically — as well as a bit plaintively.) I did use some images in the text but most of what I found were copyrighted — and rightfully so — by Hockney, so I tried not to capture too many of his.

Writing helps me understand more firmly what I saw, but I understand why reading isn’t as useful for most people. So I’ll never know if you read my art blog text or not, but I do hope that you look at the linked images of art and perhaps come to your own conclusions about the work of Hockney since 2002.

Cheers, and maybe I’ll be publishing another post on The Project from Hell soon. It’s coming along and in the best of all possible worlds, it will last out the winter…  –June


From the Guardian Newspaper

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