Corner house

corner house for blogThis is a house and trees at the corner of N.E. 86th and Billingher, slightly north of our place. I walk by here two to three times a day, often encountering dogs such as Elvis, Jake, Spaz, Cash, and Nikki and the people they take with them on strolls. I see Merlot too, a bit further along, but she stays in her capacious yard. Further east are dogs whose names I don’t yet know. Some seem to think I’m OK; others threaten to devour my liver. All the cats like me; all have secret names.

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2 Responses to Corner house

  1. Yes, the tree was the first thing I noticed, dwarfing that house!


  2. jou says:

    I loved this photo when Jer took it. My automatic setting cooled the color way down and made the house and the foliage look drab. And for those who think that out here in the ‘burbs we suffer from trees and stuff, take a look at that Douglas fir and the sky!


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