The Kids Next Door


We live next to a young family with two lively boys. They use our driveway and walkways as motorways, and my studio as a hide-n-seek obstacle; they entertain me while sketching in my sketch books and telling me stories; in general they cheer our daily lives. So, when my online photography class called for a photo of children and/or pets, I knew where to go.

When I first approached their parents about taking photos of them, Beckham was out of town. So I started with Brighton. However, I had to work to get a photo for class.

I got a lot of goofy faces:

but he slipped up once and smiled at me.



Brighton also got a bit serious, showing me a project he was working on.

When Beckham came back to town, I got to photograph him too.

But the subject of importance was Smith, the cat:


Smith is a very talented cat:


However, he doesn’t much like being watered, at least not when it’s dribbled on his fur.

But altogether he is a most patient creature.


However, even cats have their limits, so Brighton took the cat back into the house and returned to his bicycle.


Beckham continued with his pursuits ( it wasn’t me who watered the cat!)

Just  couple of afternoons in the neighborhood.


(The camera I used to take these photos is a Sony a6300, digital mirrorless SLR.)

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8 Responses to The Kids Next Door

  1. jeannebeck says:

    Smiling Brighton was a great pick, June. Sounds like a worthwhile photography adventure right in your own backyard.

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    • june says:

      Thanks, Jeanne. My “own backyard” was oddly the exact thought I was having about painting this morning. At least two of the paintings I did at the painting intensive could have been done in my own back yard:-)


  2. Very nice collection! Which one did you use for your class?

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    • june says:

      I used the one of Brighton on the bike, smiling. I was working on a tight class deadline (I’m type A, so I try to hit the online deadlines) and hadn’t taken any of the Beckham/cat/Brighton in blue yet. I may have settled for the cat, just for fun (I would have cropped it a bit first) or for the one with Beckham behind the waterfall, which is more fun if seen as a tiny narrative of him playing with the hose. But, smiling Brighton it was.


  3. janet says:

    All three models have a great deal,of personality! Good photos!

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    • june says:

      Thanks, Janet.Good to have a fellow traveler in the trenches of photography to comment. The secret was a lot of photographs — 100 in the case of the cat. And Beckham, who was cutting up even more than Brighton. Shameless children, uncooperative cat. Blessings on digital photography! And, by the way, these are not children one can bribe with cookies. They don’t seem interested in food. At least not the kind I offer:-)


  4. snicklefritzin43 says:

    looks like a great, change of pace afternoon…good photos!

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