Farmers’ Market in Late July: People, People, People


Another class assignment, based around photojournalism.  “Go to an event and photograph a scene there.” So, the biggest event of our week is the Hollywood Farmers’ Market. And the child above can testify that I was there.

Although the usual fruits and veggies commanded our attention, I let Jer lust after the food while I people-watched and snapped photos:



The sign reads “Sweet Italian”  and I thought he was a sweetie.


This pastry vendor had a hat that she used in expressive ways. And she sometimes did little dance moves. Alas, I could only catch her like this, with her pastry counter door open, making for an artifact which wouldn’t go well in photo class.




She tasted the peaches, she talked her mother into buying them, and she considered slurping one up immediately. Then she saw I was taking photos and she went into “I’m not having any of that stuff” mode.

Of course, not everyone at the Farmers’ Market is charmed by the scene. This wine seller has the most photogenic face I’ve seen in a long time. He also doesn’t sell a lot of wine or even give away a lot of wine samples at 9 AM. I have been known to try to cheer him up, but my capacity for wine at 9 AM — well, it isn’t useful to a wine seller.




There’s not more you could ask for.

Except for the other two blogs I have on this subject, which will come, soon.

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2 Responses to Farmers’ Market in Late July: People, People, People

  1. revab says:

    You can cheer up your wine guy by telling him the name Laurel Ridge will live in perpetuity in cyberspace.

    Liked by 1 person

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