Farmers’ Market: a Father-Daughter Game

Photography lends itself to anecdotes, to stories, to speculations about what people might be thinking or doing.

At last Saturday’s Farmers Market, in the Hollywood district of Portland (Oregon), I saw a very tall man and a very short child, having a good time. They were waiting for Mom, near Anna Paul and the Bearded Lady. I caught the man’s eye, pointed at my camera, he shrugged and went back to paying attention to the kid. I got some photos.


OK, what’s the game?


Give me some skin!


Ohhhh. You win!


So Papa, what do I get?

Well, I think you need to reach into the bag and grab a goodie.


And so, having had as good a time as anyone at the market, Jer and I trundled back to the car, where flats of blueberries and bags of veggies waited.



(The house in the photo above is not ours, nor is the car. But we go by it every Saturday. It has the most amazing garden with a perfect Japanese-influenced, Craftsman style house, and there’s no end of plants and flowers to admire in its well-kempt yards.)

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