Our Fair City: Vernacular 1

I am, as some of you know, fond of city eccentricities. Some of these are quite peculiar (think of my paintings of Plant 5 in the SE Light Industrial District) and some are just, well, down home SE Portland. To the dismay of many, I’m not much into grand houses, grand buildings, gorgeous historical features, or even bucolic scenes in the midst of city life.

So, here’s one neighborhood, neither Grand nor Bucolic, where I was hanging out the other day:


Looks sort of bucolic, but then… the Thrift Shop, the scabby fireplug, the mysterious artifacts here and there, the bus stop…



Look at those bay windows. I love those bay windows, even as they are part of a sorry-looking building with sorry-looking retail (or non-retail) and sorry-looking wires and sorry-looking graffiti. I still love bay windows. Or maybe, I love them even more.


And here’s the goose building. I’m not sure but I think the geese displaced a locally renowned greasy restaurant.




A couple new hoity-toity buildings, plus any number of older structures, just up or down the street:




The best part of the area, of course, is people watching:










Of course, there are other sights, because this is only a little city and this is a little neighborhood, and also because nature has its way with us:





And then, just because I couldn’t resist this sign:



In case you hadn’t figured it out, we are in both Beulahland and City/State country:


Restaurant Row, SE 28th Ave. All the photos were taken in that vicinity, where the Starbucks, just up from our dentist’s office, has a fine outside seating area to take photos from. Remember that when you go to La Fonda Rosa for your next Mexican food hit.  Check out who might be hanging at that Starbucks.


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6 Responses to Our Fair City: Vernacular 1

  1. Steve Engel says:

    Wonderful portrait(s) of our city, June–images and words chosen, shaped and pieced together like bits of fabric into a greater whole. I recognize this place!

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  2. mcooter3 says:

    June, it was one of your neighbourhood tours, years ago, that got me started on the photo-essay and blogging thing. I think it was the one with flags one porches etc – I thought “if I had a digital camera I could do that…”

    Thanks for the kick-start! margaret

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    • june says:

      Thanks, Margaret, So glad to be an inspiration. And I was just thinking about that flag essay the other day — can’t quite remember why — maybe walking around our new neighborhood and trying to get a handle on why I am fascinated with it. So it’s good to be reminded.


  3. snicklefritzin43 says:

    Ahh, delightful visit to a favorite neighborhood where I went with my bestemor (grandmother) to do errands and see some friends living in the area. Great photos


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