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Road Trip 2018: Organ Pipe National Monument

The reason for stopping in Gila Bend and taking the time to check out its local character, (as Jer depicted in his blog) was that Gila Bend is the gateway to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. The organ pipe cacti … Continue reading

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Space Age Lodge

We once stayed at the Atomic Inn in Beatty, Nevada. This time it was the Space Age Lodge in Gila Bend, Arizona. The lodge features structures resembling flying saucers, and its rooms are decorated with images of astronauts and rocket … Continue reading

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The Blue Orb

I’m still in Joshua Tree, with photos and mind at any rate, while Jer has moved on down the road apiece. Up the hill from the AZ West Planar Pavilions were some desert tracks. At the end of one we … Continue reading

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Gila Bend

Gila Bend, a small town along Interstate 8 southeast of Phoenix, lies on a sharp bend in the Gila River. Its school complex seemed quite nice to us. Some of the covered parking areas near school buildings doubled as solar … Continue reading

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Road Trip 2018: Experimental Living Cabin — Conclusions

Dear Reader, I forgot to mention the bowls. The bowls are important symbols, physical manifestations of Zittel’s philosophy. In  2016 she said:  “I believe that you need to have only one garment per season, and you don’t need any dishes … Continue reading

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Cactus Garden

As we left Joshua Tree National Park, we stopped slightly north of the south entrance (Cottonwood) to take a short hike through cactus “gardens” consisting mainly of cholla, which it is better not to embrace. A cactus first-aid kit placed … Continue reading

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Road Trip 2018: The Desert Beyond

Good morning love — Last full day of living out the Experiment here in Wonder Valley. I have spent the last five days filling out the light. That sounds like an odd way of putting it but these last few … Continue reading

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