Fast Trip to the Outback

Jer and I took a fast trip last weekend to Fossil, Oregon, to pack up and bring home the paintings from the exhibit. I wouldn’t have gone except that I knew no one but myself could possibly repack the 20 paintings so they would fit into the Honda.

So here’s one view of Fossil I don’t think you saw before:

I started this a while back, but finished it only a week or so ago. The Fossil Body Shop looks a lot less tidy than I managed to paint it. And I didn’t really do justice to the trees, which had almost certainly been allowed to grow huge — and then were given a buzz cut by an out-of-work logger. –June

And thanks for all the welcome back notes. Just remember, next time I go on too long, how much you missed the rambling morning missives……

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4 Responses to Fast Trip to the Outback

  1. Olga says:

    You’ll think I’m completely loop-de-loop mad, but when your latest post flashed onto my screen my first thought was ‘Mother Theresa!?’ It’s really great to have you around again.


  2. june says:

    These were not just canvases; they were framed paintings, each enveloped in protective coverings and then ensconced in boxes. After boxing them up, we packed them, in their boxes, into the car. Luckily we didn’t have to take many clothes with us, and we ate all the pretzels on the trip out. Jer says his line of vision was clear (I’m assuming he was telling the truth) and my plein air bag of painting equipment was tidily ensconced in and around the boxes, along with my rattlesnake stomping boots.

    Anytime you want advice on packing paintings into a Honda two-door civic, just let Jer know.


  3. Janet says:

    I’ve seen that car, and I’m stumped as to how 20 canvases got into it. I hope you took pictures!


  4. Del says:

    Just ramble away. I have never stopped reading – you have never gone on too long. Yours is the first blog I read everyday, so you and Jer brighten my mornings. Keep going!


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