The Last Homestead: Epilogue


 “Standing on the bare ground, — my head bathed by the blithe air, and uplifted into infinite spaces, — all mean egotism vanishes. I become a transparent eye-ball; I am nothing; I see all; the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part or particle of God.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson






























Find out more about the Triple H Homestead at

Rose has written two books, based on her blog entries: “Diary of a Redneck Englishwoman” and “Reflections of a Redneck Englishwoman”. They can be ordered from Amazon or off the Triple H Website.

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14 Responses to The Last Homestead: Epilogue

  1. revab says:

    I’ve really enjoyed this travelogue, June (or stay-in-place-logue, more accurately). Great photos and descriptions of the people, the animals, and the landscape. Thanks for taking me with you!

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  2. Susan Sawatzky says:

    Love the last picture….makes me a wee bit teary for my five year gone husband. I’ve been reading Rose’s blog and she is still so in love with Darrell, after 30 years. I love it!

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    • Gads Susan, I know just what you mean. I too viewed it with a touch of nostalgia and a wistfulness as, for those of us who once had such a thing, it captured a moment expressing far more than two people walking down a road. Good for them, and good for Jer and June, and good for the other long-term loving couples I know. In their daily interactions I recognize some of what I miss but don’t often think about except when I view it from the sidelines.

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    • june says:

      Thanks, Susan. This is the photo that made Rose tear up. There’s not greater compliment to the photographer. And it’s absolutely true.


  3. june says:

    I know exactly what you mean, Olga. I yearn over the rural life, but for me, that would be absolutely silly (or disasterous). No longer in the cards and the city has all kinds of advantages for us. In addition we’ve found a neighborhood that is perfect, so we have everything except the rural life:-) But an idle trip back in time once in a while is good. I did get tired of crackers, though –snort– Isn’t it tiresome to have to say “I am of an age…” Blah! Hey ho


  4. Still sighing over the beautiful vistas – that alone would have held my interest over the several weeks. Thanks for bringing us along on the ride, giving us a glimpse into this seldom seen lifestyle, introducing us to this amazing couple.


  5. Kit Szanto says:

    They really do live life to the fullest, fuller than I can imagine. But I have decided not to see myself as idle, just a member of a different species.

    And June, you have certainly been living life to near Rose’s fullest – and brought to the rest of us such beauty, and each has left me feeling “uplifted into infinite spaces.” It is a joy. (And a needed joy, these days.)

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    • june says:

      Thank you, Kit. We are all members of different species, when it comes down to it. I was really totally free of responsibility, something neither Darrell and Rose, nor you and George, nor Jer and I are, ordinarily. And it might have gotten tiresome had it gone on a lot longer. But for those 12 days, it was extraordinary. Having Jer to write to was also interesting, because I stored up and then recounted each day’s adventures, in a way that I seldom do when I have these moments of total freedom in a fine environment. I tend to forget what it was that was so enchanting, but with the saved emails, the memories lasted. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I too felt a bit of cheer in dark days, knowing I had had this time and could save it in this way.


  6. olganorris says:

    What a great place, what great folks – they really are living life to the full. It makes me feel thoroughly idle!

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    • june says:

      Your comment made me chuckle a little, Olga. You remember, I had to drag out some painting equipment just to appear to be doing something sometimes. I was, in fact, thoroughly idle while I was there,but tried to be more productive when I got back. Although not so physical. And not at 4 AM:-) I’m glad you could come along with me on this particular journey.


      • olganorris says:

        It was a delightful trip, June, thanks. I certainly feel increasingly hemmed in here in what was semi rural surroundings, but is become a sea of cars. You have made me yearn even more to return to Scotland – although a) traffic and population is doubtless increasing there too, and b) I am of an age when a remote rural life is not a good idea any more. Hey ho.


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